Something to Believe In

by New Heights

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This is our very first full-length album, "Something to Believe In." It is the product of some of our hardest and finest work and truly hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed producing it!


released September 25, 2011

Producer: Jon Howard

All songs produced by Jon Howard
except track 1, 5, 8, and 10.
Track 1 produced by Ash Larry
Track 5 produced by Aaron Sprinkle
Tracks 8 and 10 produced by Travis Graham

Written by Travis Graham, Chris Kwak, Jon Howard, Aaron Sprinkle, Ash Larry

Recorded in Nashville, TN and Seattle, WA

Management: Steve Kwak and Henry Han

Artwork: Augusto Piccio



all rights reserved


New Heights Seattle, Washington

"New Heights is a band from Seattle, WA. The band, made of lead Travis Graham, guitarist Chris Kwak, guitarist Kiyung Park, bassist Tyler Carroll, and drummer Bobby Walker, has released three studio EP's to their credit, and their current full-length album, “Something to Believe In” ... more

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Track Name: Something to Believe In
I fall asleep to the words in my head with all of the hope I’ve locked inside
There is something I’ve been dying to tell you…
Now is the time create a moment, let your life sing out loud
And at the edge you will prevail, even if all we know in life goes down

Oh, you will see
You give me something to believe in
When all that i have has gone away
You give me something to believe

You’re not alone in this condition, even the saints had lost their way
This is something I keep trying to tell you
You are a light in the dark, flickering, when I see past your eyes
I see the beauty of a life untied
Track Name: Nightmare (ft. Brian Joo)
I got the feeling that we’ve just gone crazy
Running in circles that we’ve been through lately
We can’t keep doing this tonight I’m gonna run from it
I need to get away, I need to get away
You seem to act like there was no frustration
But I’ve been caught up in this situation
Played your conniving game to find that you’ve already won
You kept me on a string, you had me listening

I don’t wanna forgive, I don’t wanna relive
I don’t wanna dream this nightmare with you
You told me that you need me, loving you was easy
Just want to leave this nightmare with you

I always knew you wanted something that I couldn’t be
Doing whatever just to try and change me
But you’re not making up my mind I’m still an activist
No, I won’t stand for this, I just can’t stand for this
And when I told you that I won’t be leaving here
We never meant a single word, I thought you made that clear
I had you watch me walk away nut you weren’t worth the call
I’m gonna let this go, I’m gonna leave it all
Track Name: Gonna Love You (ft. Jennifer Chung)
I ain’t gonna leave you, never gonna try too
But we’re tearing at the seams
I can’t live without you and I’m not gonna doubt you
You’ll be where you want to be

Just stop, baby, don’t move
I’m gonna love you, baby, Imma love you
Just stop, baby, don’t move
I’m gonna love you, baby, Imma love you
Through it all I’m gonna be here
So just stop baby, don’t move
I’m gonna love you, baby, Imma love you

I don’t see the issue, Honey, I just miss you
And I know you’re missing me
I know we keep on trying, let’s try without fighting
And in time I know we’ll see

Yeah, I know that we’re falling apart
Yeah, but know that I’m trying so hard
Track Name: Take Me On (ft. Clara C)
I’ve been going through this evidence of you, girl
Finding things just reminding me that you were
Always close when I needed someone badly
Anywhere, anytime, you were there for me
You never left my side, held me high when I’m falling
Anywhere, anytime you were there

And I don’t want to think about doing this all alone
What’s left of me is barely held together by the strength in my bones
I’m torn until you take me on, baby, you take me on somehow
You’re the only one that’s held me all along

I’ve been trying to find something like what we had
But someone else is nowhere near as close as
Who you are and I never even knew it
I will be anywhere that you are

You take me on
You take me on
Track Name: Chasing Down the Sun
Lost myself in a storm, I’ve been running from a broken heart
I can’t find my way home

Chasing down the sun, I’m getting tired of getting nowhere
Time to give it up, I need to breathe to see

You appear and I’ve got a reason
To kill the fear that I’ve been believing
So don’t burn away, don’t burn away tonight
Morning comes the darkness is running
I can see the light of what we’re becoming
So don’t burn away, don’t burn away this time

Lost it all in the end with the future lying in our hands
How could I let you go again?

I feel like I’m going crazy
But I know that I’m coming alive
From the one that I know can save me
Now is the time
Track Name: Someday
I’ve wanted you, only you
Dreaming of your pretty face
I’ll get to your heart someday

Feeling like everything is lost
I knew the cost when I went for you that night
I came undone
Only you, you’re the one I seek
I’ve finally realized you don’t need me

Oh, soon very soon my mind is back on you
And I feel lost

I’ve wanted you, only you
Dreaming of your pretty face
I need your heart
Love is easy, it’s you I see
Now I’m falling all over again
I’ll get to your heart someday

Reaching out I’ve been caught inside
These thoughts of mine I just can’t hide away forever

Soon very soon my mind is back on you
And I feel lost again
I’d rather be same than faking that I’ve changed
It’s not over

I’ll get to your heart (x4)
Track Name: Closer (ft. Natalie Taylor)
Finding a way to approach you
As soon as you walk into the room
You’re holding a veil that I see through
And I’m already pulled by the way you move

Right now I can’t believe what I’m feeling somehow

I felt the beat in your chest
In the moment that our eyes first met
When the song hit and you pulled me over
Just wanna get closer
From the time that I noticed your lips
We were dancing, I was holding your hips
Till the last song don’t want it to be over
Just wanna get closer

Trying my best not to fall through
And it’s taking everything I’ve got
I’m finding a way just to get you
Closer to me cause I know you’re not

Do you feel what I’m feeling?
Gotta show me where to start
Can’t believe what I’m seeing
You could make me fall apart
You could make me fall apart
Baby, I’m moving towards you
Track Name: Tell Me It's Real
The day is brighter here with you
You show me love can make it through
I’ve wanted nothing more than this
My heart it beats along for you
It sings a simple song on cue
We both ignite this fire inside

I look in your eyes all I see is perfection
Like the moon is aligning the sea to the shore
We both were away but we faced this direction
So what are we waiting for?

So tell me it’s real that I have found you
You are the one I’ve been waiting for
I’m learning to feel that I’m alive again
I can’t believe it so
So tell me it’s real

So take my hand and follow me
This is the world we’d hoped it be
And now we’ll live it every day, forever

Yes, I’ve found you, Girl, I’ve found you
I’ll never let you go, I’ll never let you go
Yes, we’ve found each other, Girl, we’ve found each other
I’ll never let you go, I’ll never let you go

Won’t you tell me it’s real
Darling, tell me it’s real
Tell me it’s real
Track Name: Time
3rd and church, where I stayed
Laid my head in an empty room
And I still feel the same, with a bed under me

Time is always running away
Never stopped, never prayed
Everything I wanted to say
Now it’s gone, it’s too late

If you ever see me, ten years ago, would you let me know?
Everything you’re doing, keep going and you’ll be alone
Cause time is not on your side, slow down

Wore my hands through the skin, worked my mind till it caved in
Never stopped, never played, working away, working away

Through the walls onto the streets
I’ll take my first step as I free me
And if I see you I will tell you
You were right
You were right
You were right

And time is not on your side